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A brewery, in Centerville Indiana?!? Yeah, that was Kyle’s idea. 

Let’s start from the beginning.  Partner Kyle Turner’s real job is in insurance. Partner Scott Laster is one of Kyle’s clients. Scott, an electrical sales engineer by trade, had been home brewing for many years when the insurance agent had to do an inspection. Taps in the wall of Scott’s basement, and a subsequent swig, led to a revelation that the electrical engineer was also equally gifted as a brewer.  The insurance agent began to dream…

A year later, the insurance agent asked the electrical engineer, “how would you like to bring your beer to a larger audience?” “It would be a dream come true” replied the engineer.  Cue the Rocky music.

4 years later, or 5 after that initial meeting, 5 Arch Brewing is finally here. (You may notice a “5” theme when you visit with us)

Within the last year, the opportunity arose to purchase an iconic restaurant in Centerville – technically the only restaurant in Centerville.  Back in its heyday it was called Jags. The insurance guy & engineer didn’t know anything about running a restaurant.  Enter Jake & MaryAnn Waltz.

The Waltz family, Foodies for this story, recently moved back to Wayne County from upper Michigan. Well, Mr. Foodie did, Mrs. Foodies IS from upper Michigan. They met at a small college, began working in and studying to be in the food industry, and said “Yes” when the insurance agent & electrical engineer asked them for help. 

The Foodies are good.  They have fresh ideas, make great food, and compliment the insurance agent & engineer.  Together, we make a great team.  

Our goal is to exceed expectations.  From the moment you walk into our restaurant & taproom, we want you to think, “this is nicer than I thought it would be.”  From the first time you taste a 5 Arch beer, eat our food, be waited on by our staff – heck, the entire experience, we want to exceed your expectations.

So, back to Centerville. Why? Local craft breweries have a tendency to bring people together. Add to the quality of place. The insurance agent absolutely, positively loves his hometown.  5 Arch Brewing can be a reason our streets are packed, and our community gathers. Visitors from out of town can see for themselves our small town charm.

So, come to Centerville, Indiana, and have your expectations exceeded by the insurance agent, electrical engineer, and Foodies. 

Kyle & Mynde Turner

Who are the Turners? They're Centerville High School sweethearts who still enjoy one another's company - especially over a couple of beers. Kyle's a dreamer, thinker & talker who has a knack for surrounding himself with good people. Mynde always thinks of others first, and for reasons no one knows still thinks Kyle is kind of cool. We hope 5 Arch brings a sense of pride to Centerville, and be one of the reasons people come to visit this wonderful little town we call home.

Scott & Erica Laster

The Lasters bring the beer to the party. Mild-mannered electrical (sales) engineer by day - BrewLord on nights and weekends, Scott has been brewing at home for over a decade. But if it weren't for Erica...we wouldn't be on this journey. She let him buy the equipment for that fateful first batch of e* and the rest, as they say, is history. The pair met in the marching band at Purdue, and have been together since their college days. Erica is an Indiana girl from an Indiana town (North Judson, if you're keeping score). Scott grew up in Columbus, OH, but is happy to be back home again in Indiana where his family roots are. They couldn't be more excited to bring the beer to Centerville, and look forward to seeing you at 5 Arch. See you at 5:55!

Jake & MaryAnn Waltz

Introducing the Waltz's! They're two foodies who met over their mutual love of grub and shared goals of opening their very own restaurant. MaryAnn is a Michigan native with a bright personality who is always happy to help. She graduated from Mott College with a degree in Food Service Management and has worked in a wide variety of unique restaurants. Jake was born and raised in Richmond and has an eye for detail. He takes pride in everything he creates and puts his mind to. Jake graduated from Harding University with a degree in Business Management and previously worked as the Food Service Director at a youth camp & retreat in Michigan. Together, Jake & MaryAnn are determined to make 5 Arch a destination for craft beer & food lovers alike.

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