Our Beers

e* (E Star) - Amber Ale

This delightful amber ale is the one that started it all. Brewmaster Scott's 1st beer he ever made. Red around the edges and easy on both the ABV and IBU, it’s an easy drinker with a little nutty/malty flavor. 4.92 ABV

LEELOO - Farmhouse Ale

This farmhouse ale is easy to drink year round. We've created a beer truly for the masses. Its light and cloudy appearance and fruity notes compliment everything from mowing the lawn to shoveling the driveway…and everything in between.


Where's our Stout lovers at?!? Heck, you don't even have to love a stout beer to enjoy Mausolus - its that good. Depending when you visit with us, you may get to try Mausolus Coffee Stout or Mausolus Vanilla Stout.


For those of your who love an IPA but want to tone down the ABV, meet Spectacle. Just like the Indy 500, you can enjoy this beer all day long.


An IPA is not to be scorned. Its bitter hoppy flavors are balanced with a strong malty backbone, but at around 6.5%, the ABV should not be ignored. Dante would approve.

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